Latest Forex Gump Ultra indicator 2021

Forex Gump Ultra v2.0 is automated and systematic developed indicator which automatically shows buy and sell options on chart. It is also known as ready-made indicator.

Forex Gump Ultra indicator

It is an expert in the entry or exit of trade with developed EA in it which is supplied to every buyer of this indicator free. It shows the profits and losses on candles pipes. It is most advance form Forex Gump as it can easily determines the direction of any currency pair in any given timeframe.

Characteristics of Forex Gump ultra indicator:

  • Platform: Meta trader 4
  • Repainting: no sign repainting
  • no delays in opening
  • reveals when to open/exits in trades and helps execute all actions.
  • Currency: any, works on all Forex pairs (AUDUSD, EURCHF, EURGBP, EURJPY, EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD, USDCHF and USDJPY) on the 1-minute Timeframe.
  • Timeframe: Short time frames
  • Recommended brokers: Alpari, Forex4you and there is no restriction on broker it could be any.


  • Info: show additional data and sign.
  • Shortwave: pattern wave amplitude.
  • Interval: indicator interval.
  • Period MA: fast average period and filter interval.
  • BARS: no of bars displayed on charts even thousands.
  • Upper bound: price range according to market trend
  • bottom bound: price range according to market trend.
  • Color: color of information panel
  • Thickness of thick line: width of line.
  • Thickness of thick line: width of thin line.

Buying and Selling Signals:

Buying and selling in very easy with Forex Gump Ultra indicator

  • Buy when blue arrows are pointing upward it is bullish trend.
  • Sell when red arrows are pointing downward it is bearish trend.
  • When yellow cross appears close trade.

How Forex Gump Ultra indicator works

Forex Gump Ultra indicator works almost on more than 30 parameters which include volume, average directions, combination of candlesticks, patterns, a number of additional signals, depth of market trends. It is self-sufficient indicator it does not include any other indicator in addition just to manage supply of money. It analyses the market and tries to perform all work by itself leaving trader aside.

Advantages of forex Gump Ultra indicator

No need of using more indicators as it takes a lot of time to understand even one indicator.

No need to be on alert on trading as it provides all the information time to time by notifications.

This indicator is itself an expert in self so it gives traders a huge space.

It also draws signals for exit trade so less chances of loss.

It is very simple so can be learned easily.

forex Gump Ultra indicator is more customizable indicator with unique features

Disadvantages of Forex Gump Ultra indicator

  • As Forex Gump Ultra indicator is working in a best manner in the current period of time but it does not guarantee future performance.
  • You have to use forex robot as it works by itself that make it sensitive. Involves very high-risk trading.
  • IT works on 1-minute chart indicate sensivity traders must be cautious.
  • There is no update are given for forex gump.
  • There are no verified results on websites.

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