Most Accurate Harmonic Pattern scanner Indicator

Harmonic Pattern Scanner4
Harmonic Pattern Scanner4

The harmonic pattern scanner indicator is a type of indicator that is used for long term as well as short term trading. This is a pattern indicator that can be used for multiple time frames. The harmonic pattern scanner indicator can be used for one minute in a hour, one hour or one to many hours in a day and for many time in a day for a month.

Harmonic Pattern scanner Indicator

This indicator is actually used for different currency pairs. The traders used it for the currency analysis. These analysis are done on the base of previous past data of all or different time frames.


There are different level bars in the chart that contains on target levels. Such as profit level and loss level. The main points in the chart are represented by text alphabets like A, B and C etc. The profit and loss levels show results with the help of different bars. This indicator is a forex trading indicator and can be used on any platform.


The max bars basically is used to show the maximum price signals. The large value shows the large patterns.


The min bars basically is used to show the minimum price signals. The short value shows the small patterns.

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