Relative Vigor Index Indicator (RVI) Mt4 Free

The Relative Vigor Index (RVI) is a device depends on the idea that the cost be inclined to near over and above then they unlock in a high trends and near least than they unlock in a lowest trends. Fundamentally, it is a device that is the appearance in the form of the cycle of the basic cost.

By utilizing the Relative Vigor Index Indicator, a forex trafficking system plotted to establish highest advantage from a prolong period highest trend may be produced in concurrence with another scientific indicators.

Relative Vigor Index Indicator (RVI)


The RVI differentiate the nearing cost to cost scope and lay out a studying of the power of cost action increases or decreases. Highest worth for the Relative vigor index designate growing trend power but the lowest Worth designate a decreasing of progression. As a progression indicator, the inclination of the Relative vigor index many times turns the way towards the front of cost.

Computation of the RVI Indicator

Pole a = near –unlock

Pole b = near – unlock one pole previous to a

Pole c = near – unlock one pole previous to b

Pole d = near – unlock one pole previous to c

numerator = [ a + (2 * b) + (2 * c) + d ] / 6

e = up – down of pole a

f = up – down of pole b

g = up – down of pole c

h = up – down of pole d

denominator = [ e + (2 * f) + (2 * g) + h ] / 6

Relative Vigor Index= SMA of numerator for phase choosen / SMA of denominator for phase choosen.

Signs of the Line Computation

i = Relative Vigor Index worth one pole previous

j = Relative Vigor Index worth one pole previous to i

k =Relative Vigor Index worth one pole previousto j

Signs of the Line = [ RVI + (2 * i) + (2 * j) + k] / 6

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