Amazing Trend Following System (TFS) 2021

Trend Following System is a technical trading strategy for traders it helps to generate good profit. Trend Following System developed for MT4 users is a rating system. Experienced traders follow the market biggest trends and this strategy is all about catching these trends in marketplace within a time frame.

Trend Following System (TFS)

IT use Combination of 4 indicators for Trading. it uses three moving averages to predict trends yet they are best trend predicting indicators. The trend following system was developed in a way that is exact to in winning trade as long as within the power and out of a losing trade as done before the usual as within the power

Types Trend Following System:

1.       Lazy Trade Forex Trading Strategy V 3.0

2.       Quantum Gomega Trading System Uni Trend Noise Balance

3.       Triple Threat Forex Trading Strategy

4.       Swinger Trading System

Characteristics of Trend Following System MT4:

  • Platform: Meta Trader 4
  • Currency: use currency pairs (BTC/USD)
  • Timeframe: Daily H1, H2, H4 etc
  • Type: it is use rating system e.g. (9.4/10)

How it works?

Trend Following System (TFS) buying option:

  • Market trend should be above all the moving average.
  • Trend Following System Bitcoin indicator should rise to the positive region
  • Place your buy position when all of the above conditions are met.
  • Set your stop below the recent support level.
  • Take your profit when green moving average a mark below other moving average under a candle.

Trend Following System (TFS) selling option:

  • Market trend should cross below all the moving average.
  • Trend Following System Bitcoin indicator should move down to the negative region.
  • Place your sell position when all of the above conditions are met.
  • Set your stop below the recent resistance level.
  • Take your profit when red moving average crosses above other moving average above the candles.

Trend Following System Bitcoin:

TFS Bitcoin is an expeditiousness indicator which will tell you the momentum of the bitcoin in market. Above all when this indicator is in positive state, it shows a buy signal and when in negative works inversely.

Merits of Trend Following System (TFS):

  • Trend Following System keeps you in the shape on major moves and gives you a large amount of profit.
  • It is a system that let you know when to enter a trade and when to exit in the market
  • It uses the best combination of indicators to predict market moves.
  • It helps to catch trends for longer period of time.
  • It doesn’t take too much time.
  • It helps to prevent downside risk.

Demerits of Trend Following System (TFS)

  • TFS system does not identify tops or bottoms.
  • Most of trends ends as loss as market fluctuates.
  • Try not to miss any trade as market is all about trends.
  • It is hard to be on trend for longer period.
  • You have to exit the trade for instance as you have made a little profit.
  • Trend following system is a trade with longer period so increases the psychological stress on traders.
  • As trend following is risky so, you have to prepare yourself for losing most of the time.

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