Amazing Xb4 Indicator Mt4 2021


XB4 Indicator4
XB4 Indicator4

Xb4 indicator is an indicator that is used to know the total entries in the trading. This is a forex trading system strategy. This indicator can be used with any forex trading strategy. This indicator actually helps traders to know that when to enter and when to exit from the trading.

Xb4 Indicator

The mostly traders use this Forex indicator Mt4 when they need 15 minute trading. The 15 minute is not a fix time frame limitation. The traders can also use ot for higher time frames. The xb4 indicator is compatible with any currency pair.

Working Methodology

The mb4 indicator works on the base of xb indicator. The two lines are used on the chart in the mb4 indicator. The one line that is thick is known as the main MA line and the second line on the chart is known as the fast MA line.

Sell condition

The sell condition in the mb4 indicator occurs when the fast line means fast MA crosses the other line main MA line. Then the sell signal occurs in the chart. The red color indicates the sell condition.  Forex top Indicators

Buy condition

The buy condition occurs when the fast line direction is upwards or down word to the main line or main MA. The buy condition is represented with the blue color.